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Olight Canada - The Best LED Torches in the Market. Brightest, Powerful & Rechargeable! Best Price On Olight Products in CA ,Free Shipping OverCAD$59,Choose Your Nee Join our club today. Up to 95% discount on all WP premium themes and Plugins. Use on unlimited websites. Limited Offer. Latest Versions & Instant Downloa GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991. Copyright (C) 1989, 1991 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 US Deutsche Übersetzung der Version 2, Juni 1991. Den offiziellen englischen Originaltext finden Sie unter http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2..html . Diese Übersetzung wurde ursprünglich erstellt von Katja Lachmann Übersetzungen im Auftrag der S.u.S.E. GmbH - http://www.suse.de. Sie wurde überarbeitet von Peter Gerwinski, G-N-U GmbH - http://www.g-n-u

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guidelines in the licensing rules documentation. For 'GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 only' use: SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0. or. SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only. For 'GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or any later version' use: SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+. or Deutsche Übersetzung der Version 2.1, Februar 1999 Den offiziellen englischen Originaltext finden Sie unter http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl-2.1.html. Diese. The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or simply GPL) is a series of widely-used free software licenses that guarantee end users the freedom to run, study, share, and modify the software. The licenses were originally written by Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), for the GNU Project, and grant the recipients of a computer program the rights of the Free Software. Die GNU General Public License (GPL) ist die bekannteste Lizenz für »Freie Software«. Sie wurde in der Version 1 im Jahr 1989 erstmals verwendet. 1991 erschien die zweite Version der GPL (GPLv2 → die GNU General Public License, Version 2) und 2007 die neue Version 3 (GPLv3 → die GNU General Public License, Version 3).Die GPLv2 ist im Wesentlichen das Werk von Richard Stallman, dem.

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  1. GNU General Public License(GNU GPLもしくは単にGPLとも)とは、GNUプロジェクトのためにリチャード・ストールマンにより作成されたフリーソフトウェアライセンスである。 八田真行の日本語訳ではGNU 一般公衆利用許諾書と呼んでい
  2. Die LGPL wurde im Jahr 1991 veröffentlicht und nahm gleich die Versionsnummer 2 an, um zahlenmäßig mit der GPL-Version 2 übereinzustimmen
  3. Innovative Produktsysteme für die Technische Gebäudeausrüstung und den industriellen Anlagenbau wie z. B. Schienensysteme Pressix CC, siFramo, Rohrschellen, Rohrlager
  4. GPL 2.2 Anschluss an Terrassen, Loggien etc. Legende: 1 Wandbildner 2 Baumit GrundPutz Leicht Speed 3 Baumit KlebeSpachtel Baumit TextilglasGitter 4 Baumit PremiumPrimer 5 Baumit NanoporTop 6 Baumit SockelDämmplatte XPS TOP 7 Baumit BituFix 2K 8 Baumit SchraubDübel Speed 9 Baumit KlebeSpachtel Baumit TextilglasGitter 10 Bauseits vorhandene Bauwerksabdichtung 11 Baumit SockelSchutz Flexibel.
  5. Re: Maps in Warzone 2100 GPL 2.0.6 einbinden. « Antwort #1 am: 2007-04-18, 17:34:32 ». Hab ja auch ne Weile daran gehangen^^. Aber jetzt sollte jeder seine Maps einfügen können. Ich habe auch mal ein Map Pack gemacht, welches ihr HIER herunterladen könnt. Viel Spaß. Gespeichert. Map-Konverter für alte Maps

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  1. Licensing . U-Boot is Free Software. It is copyrighted by Wolfgang Denk and many others who contributed code (see the actual source code and the git commit messages for details)
  2. WordPress is an open source software project, and a fierce believer in the values of the open web. WordPress uses the GNU Public License, which provides a platform for technical expansion and encourages adaptation and innovation. Learn more about this license, and discover what can and cannot be done under it
  3. The Linux Kernel is provided under: SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note: Being under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 only

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Beschreibung. Die auf der Basis des GLP2-e weiterentwickelten Prüfgeräte der GLP2-ce-Serie bieten mit dem Windows CE-Betriebssystem beste Möglichkeiten für den Einsatz als Einzel- und Kombinationsprüfgeräte Most Depended upon GPL-2.0+ Packages. MASS. Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS Latest release 7.3-53.1 - Updated about 1 month ago. pylint. python code static checker Latest release 2.7.1 - Updated 21 days ago - 3.23K stars thin. A thin and fast web server Latest release 1.8.0 - Updated Nov 13, 2020 - 2.12K stars org.openjdk.jmh:jmh-core. The jmh is a Java harness. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ABOUT LICENSING Certain files distributed by Oracle America, Inc. and/or its affiliates are subject to the following clarification and special exception to the GPLv2, based on the GNU Project exception for its Classpath libraries, known as the GNU Classpath Exception GPL-1.0+ : GNU General Public License v1.0 or later GPL-2.0+ : GNU General Public License v2.0 or later LGPL-2.0 : GNU Library General Public License v2 only LGPL-2.0. The Bosch GPL 2 is a two-point, self-leveling laser with 1/8 inch accuracy at 30 feet for up/down plumb applications. In-track application design accurately transfers and aligns points; attachment device mounts virtually anywhere

GPL 2.2 Anschluss an Terrassen, Loggien etc. Legende: 1 Wandbildner 2 Baumit GrundPutz Leicht Speed 3 Baumit KlebeSpachtel Baumit TextilglasGitter 4 Baumit PremiumPrimer 5 Baumit NanoporTop 6 Baumit SockelDämmplatte XPS TOP 7 Baumit BituFix 2K 8 Baumit SchraubDübel Speed 9 Baumit KlebeSpachtel Baumit TextilglasGitte The GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2. The VirtualBox Base Package is licensed under the GPL V2. (Some parts of VirtualBox, especially libraries, may also be released under other licenses as well.) The full text of the license is available here: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2..html The GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. The MIT License. The Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike International License version 4.0. R as a package is licensed under GPL-2 | GPL-3. File doc/COPYING is the same as GPL-2. Some files are licensed under 'GPL (version 2 or later)', which includes GPL-3

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The Linux Kernel is provided under the terms of the GNU General PublicLicense version 2 only (GPL-2.0), as provided in LICENSES/preferred/GPL-2.0,with an explicit syscall exception described inLICENSES/exceptions/Linux-syscall-note, as described in the COPYING file. This documentation file provides a description of how each source fileshould be. Today it was Match-9 of GPL-2 Match was Played between NAMBAL BLUES... vs SKCC PARADISE Toss was won by SKCC Paradise& they elected to bat first. Batting first SKCC Paradise set the huge target of 221 runs on the board. In which top scorer were Samj & Suhail with 60 & 63 Runs respectively. Nambal Blues chased the target in 16 overs & won the match by 7 wickets. In which Nasir Kumar, Aaqib & Hilal made half centuries. AAQIB was given MOM for his brilliant batting of 68 runs

A GPL linking exception modifies the GNU General Public License in a way that enables software projects which provide library code to be linked to the programs that use them, without applying the full terms of the GPL to the using program. Linking is the technical process of connecting code in a library to the using code, to produce a single executable file. It is performed either at compile time or run-time in order to produce functional machine-readable code. There is a public perception, s QScintilla_gpl-2.11.tar.gz QScintilla_gpl-2.11.zip: ChangeLog: 2.10.8: QScintilla_gpl-2.10.8.tar.gz QScintilla_gpl-2.10.8.zip: ChangeLog: 2.10.7: QScintilla_gpl-2.10.7.tar.gz QScintilla_gpl-2.10.7.zip: ChangeLog: 2.10.6: QScintilla_gpl-2.10.6.tar.gz QScintilla_gpl-2.10.6.zip: ChangeLog: 2.10.5: QScintilla_gpl-2.10.5.tar.gz QScintilla_gpl-2.10.5.zip: ChangeLog: 2.10.

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The GPLv2 license can be found on the gnu.org website (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2..html). wolfSSH software is a free software download and may be modified to the needs of the user as long as the user adheres to version three of the GPL license This new syntax supports the ability to declare an SPDX-identified license exception using the WITH operator (e.g. GPL-2.-or-later WITH Autoconf-exception-2.0), as well as the ability to use a simple + operator after a license short identifier to indicate or later version. SPDX has defined a list of license exceptions to use after the WITH operator. As a result, a number of licenses formerly included on the SPDX License List have been deprecated, and correct usage employs the. MariaDB server license. The MariaDB server is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2. The GNU project mantains an official page with information about the GNU GPL 2 license, including a FAQ and various translations Thanks Chris for all your hard work this is basically GPL 2.0 I vote for this to be in a specific section in the GPL-MODS part of the forum, along with all the other mods. After all, it is a mod, changing physics and expanding carset slots. Edited by leon_90, Dec 29 2015 - 08:09 AM License: GPL-2+ with OpenSSL exception This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. . In addition, as a special exception, the author of this program gives permission to link the code of its release with the OpenSSL project's OpenSSL library (or with modified versions of it that use the same.

Set of tools for manipulating geographic data. It includes binary access to GSHHG shoreline files. The package also provides interface wrappers for exchanging spatial objects with packages such as PBSmapping, spatstat.geom, maps, and others The software included in this product contains copyrighted software that is licensed under the GPL. A copy of that license is included in this document on page X.You may obtain the complete Corresponding Source code from us for a period of three years after our last shipment of this product, which will be no earlier than 2011-08-01, by sending a money order or check for $5 to FreeType comes with two licenses from which you can choose the one which fits your needs best. The FreeType License (FTL) is the most commonly used one. It is a BSD-style license with a credit clause and thus compatible with the GNU Public License (GPL) version 3, but not with the GPL version 2


  1. GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)] URL: https://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/car/ , https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=carData , http://socserv.socsci.mcmaster.ca/jfox/Books/Companion/index.htm
  2. Die Bosch Kreuzlinienlaser. Präzises und schnelles, freihändiges Arbeiten für alle möglichen Ausrichtungsprojekte - die selbstnivellierenden Kreuzlinienlaser von Bosch mit der neuesten Lasertechnologie beeindrucken durch ihre einfache Handhabung und projizieren akkurate, gut sichtbare Kreuzlinien
  3. Both Zimbra Collaboration Server Open Source Edition and Network Edition bundle best-of-breed open source technologies. They are licensed to you when you use the ZCS binary releases under the same terms that they are normally shared with the world
  4. R-packages - Revision 7940: /trunk/foreign.. COPYRIGHTS; ChangeLog; DESCRIPTION; GPL-2; NAMESPACE; R/ inst/ man/ po/ src/ tests
  5. Exploratory data analysis methods to summarize, visualize and describe datasets. The main principal component methods are available, those with the largest potential in terms of applications: principal component analysis (PCA) when variables are quantitative, correspondence analysis (CA) and multiple correspondence analysis (MCA) when variables are categorical, Multiple Factor Analysis when.
  6. Software licensed under the GNU General Public License is free software, and all software that builds on GPL-licensed components is also free and must also be licensed under the GPL
  7. Points Table GPL-2 after 6 matches Team-matches-won-lost-point White Cr club -2- 1- 1 - 2 Diamond, Cr club -3-3-0-6 Delhi, Cr Club -2- 1- 1- 2 Royal Cr Club 3- 0- 3- 0 Raman xi Club 2- 1 -1 -2
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Mozilla Public License About the License. Mozilla is the custodian of the Mozilla Public License (MPL), an open source/free software license.. The current version of the license is MPL 2.0 (html | plain text).If you want to use or distribute code licensed under the MPL 2.0 and have questions about it, you may want to read the FAQ.. MPL 2.0 Revision Proces This license mainly applies to libraries. You may copy, distribute and modify the software provided that you state modifications and license them under LGPL-2.1 The GNU/LGPL is very popular among independent developers and companies which mainly deals with open source software. The Apache License, on the other hand, is favored by the big corporations for their open source projects. In this article, we take a look at the difference between this two licenses to find out why

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GPLV2 vs GPLV3 GPLV2 and GPLV3 are versions of the GNU Public Licenses (GPL), a well-known license for free software. The GPL is also liked with the Free Software Foundation (FSF). The main author of both licenses is Richard Stallman. GPL's main purpose is to promote the free availability and use of software for any [ jEdit is a mature programmer's text editor with hundreds (counting the time developing plugins) of person-years of development behind it. To download, install, and set up jEdit as quickly and painlessly as possible, go to the Quick Start page.. While jEdit beats many expensive development tools for features and ease of use, it is released as free software with full source code, provided under.

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To develop WordPress themes for the public—either free or paid— you need to get acquainted with the GNU General Public License (GPL) that WordPress uses.. GPL basic freedoms # GPL basic freedoms. The spirit of openness and sharing has thrived within the WordPress community because of fundamental principles that form the core of its license Cookie Consent. This website uses cookies for improving the usability. Furthermore, we use AdSense for showing ads, and the web server providing the ads may also use cookies This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website Files made using Inkscape. All files either saved or exported from Inkscape (svg, png, pdf etc) are owned by the creators of the work (that's you) and/or the original authors in cases you use derivative works MPL 2.0 FAQ About This FAQ. This is the Mozilla Public License (MPL) version 2.0 FAQ. It aims to answer the most common questions people have about using and distributing code under the MPL

This article is about developing WordPress Themes. If you wish to learn more about how to install and use Themes, review Using Themes.This topic differs from Using Themes because it discusses the technical aspects of writing code to build your own Themes rather than how to activate Themes or where to obtain new Themes.. Why WordPress Theme Learn more about FOSSology, the project governance, and the license details Linienlaser | Präzise Linien bei hoher Sichtbarkeit für den professionellen Anwender. Schnelles horizontales und vertikales Ausrichten von Linien: Mühelos und hochpräzise mit den selbstnivellierenden Linienlasern von Bosch. Stabil, robust, praxisorientiert - die einfach zu bedienenden Linienlaser liefern innen und außen rasch exakte Ergebnisse eclipse public license - v 2.0. the accompanying program is provided under the terms of this eclipse public license (agreement). any use, reproduction or distribution of the program constitutes recipient's acceptance of this agreement

Licenses. Open source licenses grant permission for anybody to use, modify, and share licensed software for any purpose, subject to conditions preserving the provenance and openness of the software For testing, large AWS instances were set up in the same availability zone. Git and SVN were installed on both machines, the Ruby repository was copied to both Git and SVN servers, and common operations were performed on both 1 When an Independent Work is licensed under a Compatible License pursuant to the EUPL, the Compatible License rather than the EUPL is the applicable license for purposes of these FOSS License Exception Terms and Conditions.. FAQ. Q1: What are the benefits of the FOSS License Exception? Q2: Does the FOSS License Exception apply to all Oracle software products, including the MySQL database. GPL-2.0-only. Doom engine source port bundled with Freedoom 1 & 2. Details Download Source. FreeShisen. 0.6.4 / 2017-04-04. GPL-2.0-only. Shisen-Sho game. Details Download Source Tracker. Giggity. 2.0.6 / 2020-08-21. GPL-2.0-only. Schedule viewer for conferences and other events. Details Download Web Source Tracker. Gizmooi . 1.3 / 2014-03-27. GPL-2.0-only. Widget that displays pictures. An add-on package to the R system for statistical computing distributed under the GPL-2 | GPL-3 License at the Comprehensive R Archive Network Description A toolkit with infrastructure for representing, summarizing, and visualizing tree-structured regression and classification models. This unified infrastructure can be used for reading/coercing tree models from different sources ('rpart', 'RWeka', 'PMML') yielding objects that share functionality for print()/plot()/predict() methods.

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The Bosch GPL 2 2-Point Self-Leveling Plumb Laser provides users with ease-of-use by design. Thanks to a versatile design, the GPL 2 can be used for over-the-track applications. The multi-mounting system on the tool offers different attachment options with magnets, strap or threaded mounts. The GPL 2 features the smart pendulum system that not only self-levels and indicates out of level. MBDyn is the first and possibly the only free * general purpose Multibody Dynamics analysis software, released under GNU 's GPL 2.1 (get a cached copy here ). It has been developed at the Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali (formerly Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale) of the University Politecnico di Milano , Italy

Picard is licensed under GPL 2.0 or later, and is hosted on GitHub where it's actively developed by some awesome developers. Plugin Support If you need a particular feature, you can choose from a selection of available plugins or write your own [prev in list] [next in list] [prev in thread] [next in thread] List: lyx-devel Subject: gpl 2+ ok :) From: Richman Reuven <richman.reuven gmail ! com> Date: 2011-04-24 21:36:53 Message-ID: 1303681013.5676.2.camel Chi [Download RAW message or body] I hereby grant permission to license my contributions to LyX under the Gnu General Public License, version 2 or later richman reuven [prev in list. CASdatasets: Insurance datasets. A collection of datasets, originally for the book 'Computational Actuarial Science with R' edited by Arthur Charpentier ().Now, the package contains a large variety of actuarial datasets BlueCove. BlueCove is a Java library for Bluetooth (JSR-82 implementation) that currently interfaces with the Mac OS X, WIDCOMM, BlueSoleil and Microsoft Bluetooth stack found in Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista and WIDCOMM and Microsoft Bluetooth stack on Windows Mobile An add-on package to the R system for statistical computing distributed under the GPL-2 License at the Comprehensive R Archive Network Description Computes multivariate normal and t probabilities, quantiles, random deviates and densities. Introductory Texts. Using mvtnor

Flawfinder is released under the General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later, and thus is open source software (as defined by the Open Source Definition) and Free Software (as defined by the Free Software Foundation's GNU project ). Its SPDX license expression is GPL-2.0+ What is the license for Drupal? Drupal, and all contributed files that are derivative works of Drupal hosted on Drupal.org, are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later.That means you are free to download, reuse, modify, and distribute any files hosted in Drupal.org's Git repositories under the terms of either the GPL version 2 or version 3, and to run Drupal in. Cars mods: If any car does not sound, please, use this fix to resolve the issue: sound fix for AC 1. GPL (2) 4.0.* 2.4.* jmatconvol-.4..tar.bz2 (5.3M) GPL: jkmeter-.8..tar.bz2 (40k) GPL: 2.4.* 3.9.* jmeters-.4.5.tar.bz2 (299k) GPL: 2.4.* 3.9.* jack_delay-.4.2.tar.bz2 (11k) GPL: jack_utils-..1.tar.bz2 (9k) GPL: aliki-.3-.tar.bz2 (360k) GPL3: 0.3.* 2.4.* 3.9.* jnoisemeter-.2.2.tar.bz2 (17k) GPL: 2.4.* 3.9.* yass-.1..tar.bz2 (14k) GPL: 2.4.* 3.9.* Librarie

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  1. Rhino is available under open source licenses. MPL/GPL License. The majority of the source code for Rhino is available under a MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0 license.. License for portions of the Rhino debugge
  2. Firefox Browser, also known as Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox, is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. In 2017, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote.
  3. Commercial License for OEMs, ISVs and VARs Updated July, 2010. MySQL Commercial License for OEMs, ISVs and VAR
  4. Contents Copyright © 2005 - 2021 Kubuntu devs, licence CC BY-SA 4.0, icons Copyright Breeze artists GPL 2+. Kubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Ltd. Kubuntu is a trademark of Canonical Ltd. Advertica Theme by SketchTheme
  5. License shall mean the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document. Licensor shall mean the copyright owner or entity authorized by the copyright owner that is granting the License. Legal Entity shall mean the union of the acting entity and all other entities that control, are controlled by, or are under common control.

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  1. netfilter.org develops software within the Linux kernel, which is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL-2.0) and compatible licenses. This project also provides userspace libraries and utilities that are released under the GPL-2.0, please consult licensing terms of each library and userspace tool specifically for details. For more information
  2. Ubuntu is a collection of thousands of computer programs and documents created by a range of individuals, teams and companies
  3. GPL 2.0+ All the themes and plugins are licensed under GPL 2.0+ which allows us to re-distribute to other people. Disclaimer. All items listed here are developed by third-party developers & redistributed under the terms of the General Public License (GPL). GetMyThemes is not affiliated or related to third-party developers or trademark owners, including WordPress, WooCommerce, etc. Important.
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ApexDC++ is free P2P software for community sharing using the DC++ protocol. It is Open Source software published under GPL-2 allowing anybody to contribute. Just click on one of the links below to download ApexDC++ Check Snapd and Snap Version How to Install Snaps in Linux. The snap command allows you to install, configure, refresh and remove snaps, and interact with the larger snap ecosystem.. Before installing a snap, you can check if it exists in the snap store.For example, if the application belongs in the category of chat servers or media players, you can run these commands to search for. What are the licensing terms? Most of the tools are covered by the GNU GPL, some are public domain, and others have a X11 style license. To cover the GNU GPL requirements, the basic rule is if you give out any binaries, you must also make the source available


by Richard Stallman. Version 3 of the GNU General Public License will soon be finished, enabling free software packages to upgrade from GPL version 2 next; prev-top; prev-end; this-end; up; Part I Detailed Analysis of the GNU GPL and Related Licenses. This part of the tutorial gives a comprehensive explanation of the most popular Free Software copyright license, the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL, or sometimes just GPL) - both version 2 (GPLv2) and version 3 (GPLv3) - and teaches lawyers, software developers. Source Code. WinMerge is Open Source software under the GNU General Public License.. This means everybody can download the source code and improve and modify it. The only thing we ask is that people submit their improvements and modifications back to us so that all WinMerge users may benefit

Kompare is a GUI front-end program that enables differences between source files to be viewed and merged. It can be used to compare differences on files or the contents of folders, and it supports a variety of diff formats and provide many options to customize the information level displayed Luca vs Lenovo +++ Reinhard and the FSFE +++ IloveFS report. 25 March 2021. In our March Newsletter read about our supporter Luca Bonissi who forced Lenovo to pay a 20.000 Euros refund for a pre-installed Windows, about our supporter Reinhard Müller who has volunteered for the FSFE for two decades, our I Love Free Software report and as usual about our other diverse community activities Wir verwenden Cookies und ähnliche Tools, um Ihr Einkaufserlebnis zu verbessern, um unsere Dienste anzubieten, um zu verstehen, wie die Kunden unsere Dienste nutzen, damit wir Verbesserungen vornehmen können, und um Werbung anzuzeigen, einschließlich interessenbezogener Werbung

Messtechnik | Messtechnikgeräte von Bosch bieten überragende Präzision und einfachste Bedienung. Durch ihre Robustheit garantieren die digitalen Messwerkzeuge auch im Baustellenalltag genaueste Ergebnisse - sei es bei der Nivellierung, bei der Messung von Entfernungen, Winkeln und Neigungen oder bei der Ortung unterschiedlichster Materialien FFmpeg License and Legal Considerations. Legal issues are a constant source of questions and confusion. This is an attempt to clarify the most important issues GPL License. GPL stands for General Public License.The most widespread such license is the GNU General Public License, or GNU GPL for short.This can be further shortened to GPL, when it is understood that the GNU GPL is the one intended The code released under the CDDL shall be governed by the laws of the State of California (excluding conflict-of-law provisions). Any litigation relating to this License shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts of the Northern District of California and the state courts of the State of California, with venue lying in Santa Clara County, California The copyright holders grant the freedom to copy, modify, convey, adapt, and/or redistribute this work (except Appendices B-E) under the terms of the Creative. © 2001-2021 Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Gentoo is a trademark of the Gentoo Foundation, Inc. The contents of this document, unless otherwise expressly stated, are.

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